Friday, November 2, 2012

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Month One

babies 021Just home from the hospital .babies 022babies 020We are still in shock that we have two precious babies.babies 030Charlie was as big as the TV remote.

babies 031They were so cute.babies 032Charlie and his little bottles.

babies 035They slept in the same bouncer.

babies 037Kynsey’s passy was almost bigger than her face.

babies 038Proud daddy holding his son.

babies 039They were so little.babies 041Kynsey’s first tummy time. She really didn’t like it.

babies 043Charlie’s first tummy time. He has such a cute little grin.babies 091Charlie’s first scratch.babies 089They may be different but they sure do sleep the same.babies 092Kynsey’s first bath.babies 093Charlie’s first bath.044Our first trip to grandma and grandpa’s.We hardly fit in our car seats.045046049050051052055057060

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lynsey's wedding

clancy and Eric
My brother Ben his wife Lacie, my sister Brittany, aunt Emily, uncle Russell
Auntie Jean and Brooklynn
Pretty cake
cute cousins
uncle John and aunt Diana
my grandpa with his younger brother uncle John
Cute cousins Samantha, Amy, and Catlin

My adorable granny and grandpa
It's a bummer you can't really see Clancy and I have a big pregnant belly.
A whole bunch of us
They are so cute.
My little sissy got married in February. She was so pretty and it was fun having my brother and sister n law Lacie in town. My uncle Perry and his family was able to come as well.